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Thank you for your interest in applying for a role at TELUS International (“TI”) or one of our group companies. Before you submit your application, please read this notice and consent form, which explains why we need the information included in your application and what we will do with it. Click here to view our Applicant Consent form before you click on the continue button on this form.

We appreciate your interest in applying to join the TELUS International Team. Once you join our support team, you will have the opportunity to support clients of some of the most recognized and popular brands worldwide in health, telecommunications, computer science, finance and e-commerce.

  • Be a part of the most engaged team in the Call Center Industry
  • Be the voice of some of the top brands worldwide
  • See for yourself how YOU are our most important resource
  • Put your language skills and knowledge to good use
  • Enjoy all the benefits TELUS International has to offer

The video you see below contains information regarding your application process and how to enhance your assessment experience.


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