Customer Experience Specialist (Business Analyst)

We appreciate your interest in applying to join TELUS International.

Once you join our support team, you will have the opportunity to work with clients of some of the most recognized and popular brands worldwide in health, telecommunications, computer science, finance and e-commerce.

By living our values of respect and teamwork, we create an inclusive working environment where team members from a range of backgrounds can realize their full potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.

The next step is a series of assessments that would allow us to further evaluate your skills and competencies which are essential to yours and the organization’s success. Each assessment will provide you brief instruction for your guidance and for you to be able to enhance your assessment experience. Please be assured that your application will be valued all throughout the process.

Welcome to TELUS International and we wish you good luck!

Job Description

Responsible for in-depth analysis of client / program-specific business needs and the design, development and delivery of solutions to meet those business needs. Focus on continuous process improvement, execution and delivery.


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