Application Support Analyst

Full Time Information Technology


Responsible for managing the resolution of application and system issues that arise across a business; providing technical support to teams within the organisation, and to external clients when required; assisting with systems integrations, managing ticketed query system and ensuring comprehensive database of queries and resolutions is kept up to date; maintaining and updating technical documents and procedures; perform analysis and troubleshooting in order to identify and resolve technical issues; managing coordination at a local and international level where required; delivering regular and customised training to teams within the business; developing reports for teams across the business.

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Respond to requests for support for application problems.
  • Solve issues in applications access or tools usage.
  • Identify and escalate cases that are application or database systems maintenance.
  • Elaborate user manuals.
  • Test functionality of applications in controlled environments.
  • Provide customer training on the operation of applications.
  • Maintain Knowledge Base
  • Support in meeting team and individual goals and KPIs

Skills required:

  • Knowledge and experience in handling web applications and desktop environment.
  • Knowledge and experience in troubleshooting application-level production environments.
  • Knowledge and experience with web programming languages ​​and object-oriented.
  • Knowledge and experience in database management and standardization.
  • Knowledge and experience in Open Source Software.
  • Understands browser / client specific compatibility issues.
  • Experience with hardware and software issues.
  • Technical computer knowledge.
  • Testing, verification and validation techniques.
  • Abilities to build reports

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